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Hello everybody! I'm man from Russia, 25 years old, want to find friends from other countries for chatting, simple talks, maybe exchanging photo and national music, maybe something else. In any case I shall be glad to all acquaintances. My English is bad now, but I plan to study it in the near future. Also, I plan to start write to my LJ special for foreign friends.
My ICQ UIN is 151138509, welcome!
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hi there, my name is diana, i am 26 and i am from south africa. i would love to know more about your country, so i have added you in my list of friends, hope you don't mind.
oh, it's so Funny Diana :D You are the first for a long time. Well, glat to see you in my friends list. But you know, this my russian login and russian blog, I think it's better for you to read it in english (I have another login for english blog ;). I will add you there, ok?
hi there, well i am new at this. it is midnight here,my husband is fast asleep and i can't sleep. what time is it is russia? tell me abit about yourself?